Hello and welcome to my blog! Here you can follow me as I try to run a half marathon in every state. Let’s be honest, there is a strong chance I’ll fail, but if it motivates me to run then it is worthy pursuit.

I have not always been a runner. I was a chubby, non-athletic kid, and an even chubbier, lazier college kid. Shortly after college my weight had crept over 200, and I finally got motivated to make a change. I started by making better food choices, and encouraged by the decreasing scale, added walking. The more weight I lost, the more enthused I became, and walking progressed to running. Within a year and a half I was down 80 pounds, where I have happily remained since 2009.


I didn’t try a race until 2012 when I became a coach for Girls on the Run, an amazing organization that promotes self-esteem through running. After the GOTR season ended, I signed up for the the Noda 5k. I figured a timed 5k that gave 2 free beers was worth the $25 entry fee. Despite my time being slow (a June race in NC doesn’t equal fast speeds) I was hooked on racing. An upcoming race gives you incentive to train and push yourself.  At the race the group energy is addicting and everyone is so nice, your pace is generally faster, and you get free snacks and drinks at the after party! What’s not to love! Now I have raced many distances up to half marathons, and maybe one day I’ll be crazy enough to try a full.

My work schedule no long always me to coach for Girls on the Run, but I still volunteer for them when possible. In 2018 I became an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and I now lead the Abari Track Club, a free run club in Charlotte, NC.

Thank you for following me on my racing journey and I hope I can provide some inspiration and showcase some neat races. Typing all the states made me realize how monumental this undertaking is. I have a lot of running, travel, and expenses ahead of me. But more importantly, lots of adventures!

I welcome comments, so introduce yourself, or be a silent stalker. I appreciate both types of readers.


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